Mission Statement

Prostate cancer foundation

 Hunter Prostate Cancer Awareness & Support Group

Aims and Objectives:

  1.  To provide support to the patients, families and carers of men diagnosed with prostate cancer via:
  • Monthly meetings
  • Personal contact
  • Social activities to promote a sense of cohesion and well-being
  1.  To provide relevant education and awareness via:
  • Credible and up to date medical information relative to the member’s condition by diagnosed authorities in their field
  • Information on self-help strategies that may assist members in a sense of mastery over their illness
  • Access to relevant resources that are available in the wider community
  • Moving into speaking circuits to promote general community awareness and education
  • Encouraging men to think and speak about their own prostate health
  1. To work and promote awareness of the issues relating to prostate cancer, both locally and nationally:
  • By the use of print and electronic media, newsletters, pamphlets and by word of mouth
  • By affiliation with other state and interstate prostate cancer support groups and by supporting the national body
  • By encouraging prostate cancer patients and their families to join the Group