Monthly meetings

Day meetings are held at

Wallsend Diggers, 5 Tyrell Street, Wallsend.

Time 2:00 pm, every second Tuesday of the month.

These are “drop-in” meetings where you can get to meet other members of the support group, ask questions, have a cuppa with people who are happy to hear your story and listen to invited guest speakers.

The meetings are very informal and you are always welcome to come along.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday 13th February 2024 at 2pm.


Need someone to talk to about it? 

We can help you!

 Hunter Prostate Cancer Awareness & Support Group

Proudly Affiliated With the

Prostate cancer foundation 2


   You are not on your own! Perhaps you just want to know more, you are worried about or have been diagnosed with a prostate problem, especially cancer

   You may be the wife or partner of such a man – or perhaps a family member or friend  who wants to talk to someone

  Many men & women already know the value of:-

  • Sharing experiences with others on their prostate cancer journey
  • Obtaining reliable information from knowledgeable people in a relaxed group setting
  • Asking questions & getting the correct answers
  • Learning how to cope with typical feelings & emotions
  • Receiving encouragement & support from others who have already “been there” themselves 

Our Prostate Cancer Support Group

is readily available to help


 What does it provide?

  Support plus understanding for those going through  a prostate disease diagnosis & possibly having to make informed decisions

  Meeting or contact with others who have experienced the various forms of treatment being considered or undertaken. [However, actual medical advice is not given.]

  Fellowship at each meeting enables the opportunity for one-to-one discussion if preferred

  Encouragement for men to have regular medical checks, hopefully, to detect  prostate disease in its early stage

  Guests who speak on relevant topics associated with prostate disease, research, care, rehabilitation & healthy lifestyles

  Information on self-help strategies that may assist members in a sense of mastery over their illness

  Free & voluntary membership – people can come & go as they wish.  There are no fees.

  Information & awareness on prostate cancer & latest advances in its treatment options – bridging the gap between patients & medical professionals

  Regular newsletters to its members

✓  Its own accredited community speakers who promote prostate disease awareness

 Group Leadership

The Group is led by a small Executive of fully trained & accredited volunteers, all with their personal experience of prostate cancer, its various treatment or management options & potential side effects.

Training in Support Group Leadership has been achieved either during their professional careers as well as with one or more of the peak bodies [i.e. the Cancer Council of NSW & the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.]

Your Privacy

The Group’s leaders are sensitive to your personal privacy.  The mailing list we have is used only for the Group’s purposes & not released to others.

All agree that any personal matter raised is done so in confidence and not to be discussed outside the Group.


The Support Group meets at 2.00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month other than in January.

Some comments from those who attend:

  “The Support Group has helped me understand my treatment options”

  “I always learn something new whenever I attend meetings”

  “The support of other women has been most beneficial to me as a partner”

  “Listening to guest speakers has considerably increased my knowledge about prostate disease and helped me change my lifestyle”

  “The emotional support of other men & women has helped me greatly”

  “By attending meetings & talking to others who have had their own successful prostate cancer journey, I feel a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  I feel more confident now.”

  “Thanks to the Support Group, I now know the questions to ask my Doctors”

  “I   feel much more comfortable now & I have a new sense of direction”

  ”I have made many new friends”

 Good news:

Recent statistics show that about 95% of men who are diagnosed with localised prostate cancer [and if necessary,   treated] will be alive ten years after diagnosis. More men die with prostate cancer than from it


Awareness is the key!  Men of age fifty or more are encouraged to visit their GP annually for a check-up inclusive of a PSA test and digital rectal examination.

If prostate cancer is already evident in the family, men from the age of forty are encouraged to have prostate cancer-related tests.