Chairmans Report

It was great and heartening to see new people arrive at our October meeting. I’ve had very positive feedback from some of them since. Welcome!

As mentioned in the attached minutes, a unanimous vote to have our HPCASG Christmas event catered was taken at our October meeting for expediency with Christmas not too far away. We will have a range of finger food, hot and cold for all to enjoy as well as hot beverages. By catering for the Christmas event, we are giving back to Wallsend Diggers by using the funds we would have otherwise spent on venue hire and refreshments as we used to do when meeting at Maryland Multi-purpose Centre. The Christmas event will be held in the lower Mezz Bar after our regular meeting, which will commence at midday for the December meeting, 13th December 2022.

Also as mentioned in our minutes, I am considering standing down as Chairperson. I initially took on the role as editor of the Newsletter on my second attendance at HPCASG, and from there went on to Chair when that role was lacking, leaving the newsletter editor role vacant as it remains. Apart from the first month as an HPCASG member, I have never been off the committee and feel it’s now time for a break and to pass on the role to others who also take solace of comfort and friendship from the group as I do.

If you would like to contribute to the group in either Chair or editor positions, please step up to keep this wonderful, support group afloat.

Further to the above:

Media updates.

I have been in discussion with 2NURFM about a second Prostate Cancer promotion and will discuss the content at the next meeting. The second promotion may alternate with the existing promotion Newcastle University Research Trial
We became aware of a Newcastle University Phycology clinic study Walk and Talk commencing 1st November comprising 1 meeting per week for six weeks. The link to this information was forwarded to the group in a separate email. I have applied and been accepted. The application process was very quick and easy.

Update on Incontinence bins

After approaching 6 local shopping centres to support the installation of incontinence bins in men’s toilets, we are pleased to say that our two major shopping centres at Kotara and Charlestown Square have taken up the initiative. Westfield has advised that the bins have now been installed and signage will be installed to identify the cubicle in each of the men’s facilities in the centre.
Charlestown square has agreed to installation and news on progress will be forthcoming.
Promotion of initiative
I have spoken to Laura McKoy, media person at PCFA regarding the incontinence initiative. Laura would like to arrange an article for PCFA.

Certificates of Appreciation

Allan and Sue Peattie have done a wonderful job in preparing the Certificates of Appreciation in frames ready for presentation. Thank you, Allan and Sue.
With our guest speakers providing information and initiatives moving forward, I am sure we would all agree that the promotion and progress of our group is on the improve, providing support, resources and friendship to members and their families.

Brendon Young
20th October 2022.
0458 960 300