India Quebec Social Security Agreement

India and Quebec have reached a social security agreement aimed at helping individuals who have lived or worked in both countries to receive retirement benefits. The agreement was signed on 14th February 2020, by the Minister of Employment and Social Solidarity of Quebec, Jean Boulet, and the Indian Minister of State for External Affairs, V. Muraleedharan.

The purpose of the agreement is to ensure that individuals who have contributed to the social security systems in both India and Quebec are not disadvantaged and are entitled to receive their retirement benefits. The agreement will cover Indians and Quebecers who are working or have worked in the other country. It will also cover their dependents and survivors.

Under the agreement, individuals will only need to make social security contributions in one country. This means that Indian workers who are employed in Quebec or Quebec workers who are employed in India will not be required to pay social security contributions in both countries. This will reduce the financial burden on workers and employers, and make it easier for them to work in each other`s countries.

The agreement will also provide a way for individuals to receive their social security benefits in the country where they live. This will make it easier for individuals who have retired to access their benefits, regardless of where they are living.

The agreement is expected to benefit individuals in both India and Quebec. It will provide greater protection to workers who have contributed to social security systems in both countries, and ensure that they receive the benefits they are entitled to. It will also make it easier for companies and workers to operate in both countries, which will contribute to the growth of trade and investment between India and Quebec.

In conclusion, the India-Quebec social security agreement is an important development that will benefit individuals, companies, and both countries. It represents the commitment of both countries to provide better protection to their citizens and ensure that they receive the retirement benefits they are entitled to. This is a positive step towards strengthening the relationship between India and Quebec and creating more opportunities for collaboration and partnership in the future.

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