Burges Salmon Training Contract Salary

If you`re considering a career in law, you may have come across Burges Salmon, one of the UK`s leading law firms. With offices in Bristol, London, and Edinburgh, Burges Salmon is renowned for its expertise in various practice areas, including corporate law, employment law, and property law.

If you`re interested in joining Burges Salmon, one of the most common routes to entry is through a training contract. This is a two-year program that provides aspiring lawyers with the opportunity to gain practical experience in different areas of law while being paid a salary.

So, what can you expect to earn as a trainee at Burges Salmon? The answer, as with many things in law, is “it depends.” Salaries for trainees at Burges Salmon are competitive and vary based on a number of factors, including location and previous legal experience.

As of 2021, the starting salary for a trainee at Burges Salmon is £29,000 outside of London and £38,000 in London. This salary will increase each year of the training contract, with second-year salaries ranging from £34,000 to £44,000, depending on location.

It`s worth noting that Burges Salmon also offers a variety of other benefits to its trainees, including a pension scheme, private medical insurance, and a season ticket loan to help with travel expenses.

If you`re considering applying for a training contract at Burges Salmon, it`s important to keep in mind that competition for these positions is fierce. Burges Salmon receives a large number of applications each year, so it`s important to stand out from the crowd by highlighting your relevant experience, skills, and qualifications.

In conclusion, a training contract at Burges Salmon can be a great opportunity for aspiring lawyers to gain valuable experience while being paid a competitive salary. While the application process may be challenging, it`s a great chance to start your career at one of the UK`s leading law firms.

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