Hello fellow members,

On 5th May 2020, a small number of HPCSG devotees held a discussion

using the well-known computer application, ZOOM as a trial for possible

future meetings due to the current Coronavirus restrictions.

The group included Arek Daniel, Brendon and Margaret Young, Mike

Seddon, Nancy Consoli, Also invited were Wayne Lennan and Tracy Scott

who were both unable to attend, while being aware that Jim Newton of

the committee doesn’t have access to a computer.

In the best interests of HPCSG, the group felt it may be a way to stay

connected to other members at this time of social distancing and

isolation, while using technology to bridge those possible gaps and


Oncologist and Associate Professor Dr Craig Gedye had also suggested

this may be worth investigating as others are using Zoom and other

video conferencing with great success.

The group felt that Zoom provides several advantages as well as the

previously mentioned benefits which include:

• Accessibility to a wider group, those who are unable to attend

due to ill health, distance, transport, other commitments

• Guest speaker or other participation where the speaker may not

be local and available to commute to the meeting in person

• Possible ability to stream videos and the like within zoom

• Possible ability to record the meeting to post onto our website or

attach to emails for greater reach and access

• Members without access to a device could meet up with other

computer-savvy members to view online with them, thereby not

being isolated.

The group found Zoom easy to use. Zoom is easily downloadable on

most computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones. The application

can also access your device’s camera, or use the phone only (no images)

Using Zoom may also provide a way for you to contact your own

family and friends who are not nearby, outside of use in our meetings.

Arek Daniel has kindly offered his technical support to load Zoom onto

your device and provide a short ‘How-to’ in your home.

Zoom is user-friendly and hard to break, so don’t be afraid. Information

on Zoom can be found on the following website.

The outcome:

We would like to schedule a second Zoom meeting for 12 May, being the

second Tuesday of the month, at 2pm as our traditional meeting time,

dependent on responses to this call-out. June meeting date will allow

Arek to have had time to install Zoom. Please contact Arek directly on

0413 180 627 to take up his kind offer.

If you would like to consider meeting via Zoom for our next meeting,

please advise by emailing Brendon on:


16 March 2020


As I write, the world is facing a situation unlike anything we have

seen in our lifetime.

Like all Australians, we are concerned about the escalating

impacts of COVID-19 on the community.

Beyond the sudden and tragic loss of life, the economic and social

impacts will have far-reaching implications for all of us, imposing

additional hardship on the significant number of families in our

community who are also facing cancer, chronic disease, illness,

and disadvantage.

They need us now more than ever. We stand ready to support

them – and you.

Men affected by prostate cancer are especially vulnerable to

illnesses like this and their families will be at a higher than

the average risk of distress and possible hardship.

Here’s what we are doing:

1. Anyone in our community who needs help can call us on 1

800 22 00 99 or email We will dedicate

all available resources to helping you.

2. We will continue to ensure our Nurses are working to help

fight this pandemic while maintaining support for men and

families impacted by prostate cancer.

3. We will activate online support as much as possible via

our Online Community.

4. We will call on all levels of Government to help us support you

and others who are impacted by this, in every way possible using

every means we have.

5. We will continue to advocate for Australian-based research to

improve the health of all Australians. If there was ever a reminder

of the important role that research plays in our lives, this is it.

If you need us – we are here.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Jeff Dunn AO

Chief Executive Officer

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia


Message from Mike Seddon, Committee member and Acting Treasurer.

Who would have thought it would come to this. With either good luck or good management or a combination of both Australia is so far relatively unscathed but of course every death is regrettable.

The best we can do is follow the government and medical advice to stop any further outbreaks and to take the opportunity of isolation to take stock, settle down, reset and be ready for better times to come.

This also applies when considering the future of our Group. By taking time off we have the opportunity to reflect on the past and consider how we would like the Group to look when this is all over. Hopefully, we can then come back stronger and with an inclusive and positive attitude.

We are always looking for members to assist with whatever they feel comfortable with and to comeforward with their opinions and proposals.

Regarding the immediate future of the Group, I see no great cause for concern. We have an ongoing Newsletter thanks to the efforts of Brendon and Margaret Young, Specialist Nurses Nancy and Tracy show great support by their attendance at monthly meetings and are only a phone call away for advice, Wayne Lennan has taken on the role of Guest Speaker Coordinator as and when meetings are able to resume. Bela Sido does a great job in setting up the room chairs/catering gear etc and Arek Daniel will continue with the web site and also the production of new member badges. Jim Newton, Group founder will continue to take an active part. We also have good relations with Jim Lloyd the PCFA Support Groups Executive and CEO Jeff Dunn and Chief Operating Officer Malcolm Freame together with support staff.

Best Wishes

Mike Seddon

0419 599 230

New website connects rural men to mental health support-

‘You Got This Mate’

Rural Adversity Mental Health Program (RAMHP) is pleased to announce the official launch of anew men’s website which helps rural men reach their best possible mental health.

Like many of us, the RAMHP team saw that many men in the bush who weren’t doing well were also not reaching out for help to keep themselves strong and well. In response, the RAMHP team worked with rural men to build You Got This Mate.

You Got This Mate provides men with practical tips and information about how and when to take action when it comes to their mental health.

Featuring an interactive quiz and videos of men sharing their stories about their own journey and struggles with mental health, You Got This Mate also connects men to the best possible care in their local area. There’s also some great information for friends or family members who may be worried about someone and aren’t sure how to help.

Like all RAMHP products, the information presented on the website is evidence-based, developed with the Research Team of RAMHP’s lead organisation, the Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health. Please take a moment to visit