Guest speaker report – March 2020

At our first face to face meeting for 2020 in February, we heard from Loukas Nadiotis, Senior Physiotherapist at the Kaden Centre, a non -profit organization which assists with one on one advice and instruction for people who are managing the side effects of Cancer.

The Kaden Centre offers unlimited visits to the centre currently for $100 per month.

Several of our members have accessed the services of Kaden Centre and find this service useful in improving their day to day life. The service comes highly recommended.

We wish to thank Loukas at the team for the presentation provided to the group.


On to our upcoming March meeting, which was planned to be a celebration of the group’s 20th anniversary. This celebratory meeting has been deferred temporarily. Subsequently a guest speaker could not be found at short notice.

Our own long time HPCSG member and past committee member, Gary Herrett has kindly put his hand up with an offer to discuss the important role of Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia Ambassadors Program.  This most  important  role  aims  to  spread  awareness  through  community  involvement  and  provide  a  resource  for  members new and old in their endeavor to find out more about their own health. Please come along and find out more  about  Gary’s  important  role  in  promoting  and  talking about Prostate health.  If you know of a group  who could benefit from a presentation, Gary is your man on the spot.  Thanks for putting your hand up for this a short notice Gary.

Kamden Centre’s Farewell to Summer Long Lunch @ Merewether Surf Life Saving Club

You’re invited to the Kaden Centre’s Farewell to Summer Long Lunch @ Merewether Surf Life Saving Club.

Nibbles + 2 courses only $50 per head Dress: Summer Casual

             Peter Backe-Hansen       There will be live music and a monster raffle – don’t miss it!

•             Ray Newstead

             John O’Brien                      MENU:

We  all  hope  to  see  you  as      **Starter**      

                • Crusty Bread Roll         

part   of   the   group   at                               

upcoming   meetings.     More     **Main Course** (Alternate)   

group contributions make for                    

                • Australian Lamb cutlets served with creamy mash, honey Dutch           

better   understanding  and                       

                                                carrots & broccolini with a mint and rosemary jus’           

knowledge         • Roasted Chicken Supreme served with atop of saffron rice,salad          


                & honey mustard sauce               

PCFA – Funding research with direct implications for men with prostate cancer and all those who care for them.

PCFA provides funding for prostate cancer research in Australia. We have a responsibility to the generous public who fund prostate cancer research; we must invest our research funds wisely. By consulting widely with Australian men with prostate cancer and those who care for them, we direct funds to research projects that best address their needs.

Between May and July 2018, we conducted a series of consultations to inform the development of a new research strategy, which will guide our research investment decision making from 2019-2022. These consultations were held with prostate cancer clinicians, PCFA’s Research Advisory Committee, men with localised prostate cancer, men with advanced prostate cancer, National Support and Community Outreach Committee, and PCFA staff.

During the development of the strategy, we have identified the top priorities of the Australian prostate cancer community, and gaps in the current research that align with these priorities. Understanding what is needed by men with prostate cancer has allowed us to develop goals within our specific research niche.

This strategy provides a clear guide as to how our research funding is disbursed for the information for researchers, clinicians and the whole prostate cancer community.

Our overarching goal is to create and promote the uptake of knowledge that will improve the lives of Australian men with prostate cancer, their partners and their families.

Further reading:

Long-term satisfaction is becoming increasingly important when making decisions about Prostate Cancer Treatment.

The project, supervised by Associate Professor Kim Moretti, head of Urology at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, surveyed more than 430 prostate cancer patients from the period of their diagnosis to two years post-therapy.

The survey looked at the satisfaction levels of patients who were treated with external beam radiation therapy compared to radical prostatectomy.

“Quality of life beyond treatment is becoming an increasingly important factor for patients and clinicians when making decisions about therapies, due to the high long-term survival rates of the disease,” A/Prof Moretti said.

“Interestingly this study found that satisfaction among prostate cancer patients is high, and that satisfaction levels do not depend on mode of treatment or demographic variables.”

He said patients were more likely to be satisfied if their longer-term health was maintained, particularly in the prostate-specific areas of urinary, bowel and sexual function.

“Other studies have found radiotherapy patients had higher levels of long-term dissatisfaction due to the chronic nature of the side-effects of radiotherapy, and conversely surgery carries more acute side effects. However our analysis revealed no significant difference between treatment modalities.

“Unique to our study were findings that men were more dissatisfied if they were experiencing hormonal changes, particularly hot flushes, breast tenderness and enlargement, feeling depressed, lack of energy and changes in body weight.

“This is useful for clinicians to be aware of before and after treatment.”

The research was enabled by the South Australian Prostate Cancer Clinical Outcomes Collaborative (SA-PCCOC) database, which is co-funded by APC.

Further reading:


Elton John health latest: Singer reveals current health condition amidst worldwide tour

ELTON JOHN is currently touring the world as part of a three-year farewell tour, but after a music career spanning more than 50 years and a number of health battles in the past, how does the star’s current health fare? In an interview with Graham Norton earlier tonight he opened up about his health battles. including his prostate cancer.

Elton John, 72, revealed in an interview with Graham Norton earlier tonight the details of his battle with prostate cancer. On the show – Elton John: Uncensored earlier tonight – the music legend spoke candidly about his health issues over the years.

“There’s a pacemaker, there’s no prostate.”

And the reason why the Rocketman singer is prioritising his health is for his sons, Zachary and Elijah.

He added: “I’ve got to keep fit for my boys.

“I want to seem them be teenagers, I want to be there for them and I don’t want to miss a beat.”

Further reading:


Have you ever noticed how sometimes before you go out and get active, you kind of feel a bit…uninspired?

But then, when you get back, you feel totally pumped. Your body is buzzing with all sorts of good vibes. And you think, I REALLY should do this more often! You know you never regret saying yes to a work out!

With the countdown to The March Charge on, that’s one of the top reasons I’m looking forward to doing something amazing for myself and people affected by cancer this March!

Want another top reason to register now? If you sign up by 1 March, you’ll go into the draw to WIN a $500 Rebel voucher* – awesome!

And if you need even more motivation, check out my six favourite reasons for why you should be part of The March Charge.

5 Promising Benefits and Uses of Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) is a type of palm native to the

southeastern United States.

The berries of the plant are commonly used in supplements to improve prostate health, balance hormone levels, and prevent hair loss in men.

It’s also associated with other benefits, including decreased inflammation and improved urinary function.

Here are 5 promising benefits and uses of saw palmetto.

1:            Saw palmetto may ward off hair loss and increase hair density by decreasing levels of a specific enzyme related to hair loss.

2:            Saw palmetto may improve urinary tract function and could aid in the treatment of urinary tract symptoms caused by BPH. Still, more research is needed.

3:            Test-tube studies show that saw palmetto may help decrease the growth of prostate cancer cells. It may also help improve symptoms of BPH, but research is inconclusive.

4:            Saw palmetto is high in antioxidants and has been shown to decrease inflammation in some animal studies. Nonetheless, more high-quality human studies are needed.

5:            Test-tube and human studies show that saw palmetto could decrease the activity of an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT, helping to maintain testosterone levels naturally.

Further reading

Supporting a Local Hero – Ian Kidd.

From the Lowest Point to the Highest – a solo bike ride

My name is Ian Kidd. I am 64 years old and a medically retired former teacher. I currently live in Raymond Terrace.

Many years ago following the suicide deaths of 3 youths who I was relatively close to and then unsuccessfully performing CPR on another, who had also taken his own life I was diagnosed as having PTSD.

Cycling has played a major role in my survival over the time that I have been ill.

I have recently harboured a desire to do a solo ride.

I met a few of the local Lifeline staff- at the World Suicide Prevention march at Merewether beach in 2019 and was so impressed by their friendliness and their dedication to the work that they do that I become a Lifeline Volunteer.

I am currently to trying raise funds and awareness of Lifeline and my ride with the hope of covering the cost of 100 Free counselling sessions by reaching my goal of $7100.

Read more about Ian’s ride


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Outback 4WD adventure

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**Dessert** (Alternate)

•             Caramel Cheesecake (gf) served with cream

•             Lemon Meringue served with cream

Talk to the Kaden Centre reception for booking details – Call (02) 4001

Kaden Centre’s Farewell to Summer Long Lunch @ Merewether Surf Life Saving Club

Save the Date

The March Charge 2020

WHEN:  March 2020

WHERE:  Any location you wish to

charge towards

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