Shire Of Dardanup Enterprise Agreement

Assistance is available for a fee for a service base to help members develop company agreements. This service is particularly useful when it comes to formal negotiations with workers` representatives. For full position details and more information on the application, please see WALGA Employee Relations membership is subscription-based. This service is available for VA local governments, the cost of which is based on the size of the local government. WALGA has entered into a formal agreement with the Local Government Association Northern Territory (LGANT) to provide labour relations, staff relations and human resources advice to local governments in the Northern Territory. For more information, click here. The large number of subscribers to the service ensures that subscription fees are kept to a minimum and that products and services are compared to alternative services on the market. Walga Employee Relations subscribers can be sure to receive professional, fast and comprehensive support in their individual working relationship topics. To log in, click here. For more information on how to become a subscriber, please contact 1300 366 956. A phone and email service is available to provide advice on employee relations, including company agreements, rewards, performance management, and employee dismissal. Help is also provided for the drafting of documents (letters, reports) to help HR, managers and superiors to effectively manage their staff.

The WALGA Salary and Workforce Survey is an extensive survey of the workforce, remuneration and social benefits as well as human resources management within local government. Survey subscribers will receive a written report and will have access to an online portal with more personalized results and additional resources. For more information and to access the online portal, click here. All workers are allowed to receive part of their annual leave in the event of financial difficulties or a reduction in leave provisions. Eligible employees receive a generous subsidy for our corporate uniform.

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