Romantic Wedding Agreement

Tari (Indah Permatasari) doesn`t expect their marriage to be a nightmare. On the first day she arrives at Bian`s (Refal Hady) home, her husband Tari is immediately confronted with a marriage contract that states that they would divorce within a year. Bian intends to marry Sarah (Aghniny Haque), his mistress. Bian`s wedding is for his parents. Tari doesn`t give up, she tries to get the heart of Bian. But no matter how much she tries, it`s always Sarah between them. Written by Berikut ini adalah daftar pemeran Film berdasarkan IMDB[4]: A man decides to resign to set up a laundry store and has to deal with his employees who have different ridiculous personalities. Wedding Agreement adalah sebuah film drama Indonesia tahun 2019 produksi Starvision Plus yang di sutradarai oleh Archie Hekagery, diangkat berdasarkan novel yang berjudul sama karya Eria Chuzaimiah alias Mia Chuz, yang terlebih dahulu populer di wattpad. Once Bian fell ill, although Tari, with his flat and cold attitude with dancing, remained patient to take care of the sick Bian, slowly Bian`s character began to soften and even allowed Dance to feed him porridge, which made Tari happy. Things change when Sarah comes to their house to visit Bian, Tari feels devastated and leaves the house all day. Bi Darmi was surprised to see Bian and Sarah hugging each other. When he got home, Bian was angry with Tari because he was gone, Tari got angry because he didn`t want to be home when Sarah came, Bian apologized. Dance, who is always disappointed, will participate with Ami in a seminar in Bandung and must not bian because there will be a family event, Bian advised Tari that the woman in the religion should not travel without the man`s permission, but Tari, because she did not feel informed from the beginning, always decided to leave.

Problems arise during the dance after bandage journey, which range from unbalanced toll cards, flat car tires and smoke-emitting car engines. In the interview, Bian`s family asked if Tari would not come. Kinan, Bian`s sister, thinks Bian`s house is in trouble. Suddenly, Tari comes to Bian`s family home and won`t leave until permission, and the suspicions of Kinan and Bian`s parents are gone. Tari accompanied Bian to the hospital and waited outside, Tari met Aldi. When Tari and Aldi arrive in Sarah`s room, they see Bian and Sarah kissing, which makes Tari sad and disappointed. Tari decided to leave for a while to calm down. Before leaving, he asks Bian to leave Sarah because he already loves Bian, but Bian doesn`t respond. Bian feels lonely and loses Tari, often contacted Bian Tari, but is ignored. After leaving home for 1 week, Tari meets her pakde and her house and is recommended to be a long-legged woman and not to run away from difficulties….

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