Cell Tower Lease Agreements India

That`s where we can help. Landmark Dividend can analyze your mobile phone mast or roof site lease agreement and provide liquid market value. With a free location assessment, we give property owners an overview of the value of your mobile phone or roof rental agreement as well as the value of mobile phone mast sites in the area. As a leasing acquisition company, we can also monetize your leasing to help you achieve your financial goals. If your location is qualified, Landmark will purchase your mobile phone mast or roof rental agreement for a substantial lump sum payment in cash. For a free location evaluation, click here. You can also contact us free of charge at 1-844-722-0113 or by email at info@landmarkdividend.com. It is preferable to mention the content of the contract for termination or termination of the contract and the standard clause. There are different types of mobile phone mast rental contracts that you should pay attention to, and each of them is worth a different amount of rental fees for property owners.

Feel free to call me to discuss brokerage fees and the location of the mobile phone mast. This is a difficult question that must be answered without seeing the tower. Typically, mobile phone antennas have a lifespan of more than 30 years, depending on construction, tower load/load, wear, etc. It is very rare for towers to be demolished and replaced. Most of the towers built in the 1980s and 1990s are still in place today. Of all the types of leases in the world, mobile phone mast leases are probably the least familiar to the general population. However, while most people may not realize it, these leases are an exceptional asset that can be sold in cash. I should check the specific agreement you mention in order to give you an assessment of the similarity of this document with a mobile mast rental agreement. There are no templates that I know are available to the public to change it.

Typically, property owners use advisors or legal advisors to help them revise and revise the proposed document. We often check leases of previous agreements negotiated by property owners without the help of experts. It hurts us to see low rents, poor rental language and unfavorable conditions for the landlord. Mobile mast rental companies have experts by their side, right? Seek help from mobile mast rental experts like Airwave Advisors to negotiate your mobile mast rental agreement and don`t leave money on the table. The right of pre-emption or the right to sale must be removed from any mobile phone mast rental contract. The rights of tenants are considerably protected in the rental agreement and this regime is excessive. By maintaining this provision in the mobile mast rental agreement, you significantly limit your ability to sell the mobile mast rental agreement in the future.. . .

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