Agreement Metafrasi

Your projects will be entrusted to native translators with specific expertise in the field necessary to enable you to obtain the most accurate translation. Each project is entirely led by our team and a dedicated project manager who follows each of its phases. Terminological and methodological rigour for the translation of minutes, clinical trials, medical devices and publications in the medical, pharmaceutical and scientific fields. More than 20 years of experience in professional translation All texts are subject to a rigorous management procedure that begins with the choice of the most appropriate translator for the respective language and industry and ends with a thorough QS process to verify compliance with ISO 17100:2017 quality standards before final delivery to the client. We provide certified and certified translations for documents requiring international validity. Quality, integrity and confidentiality required For projects requiring several language combinations, we offer tailor-made solutions in terms of time and cost. Multilingual manuals, contractual specifications and technical specifications to support companies targeting international markets. Sophisticated translation software and experienced linguists for workflow optimization. In more than 20 years in business, we have gained the knowledge and experience to become a leading company in the field of specialized translations. Each project is assigned to a project manager who becomes the client`s point of contact at every stage of the process.

Our team of experienced native language linguists has a complete command of the language and an in-depth knowledge of the socio-cultural aspects of your target audience. In other words, Metafrasi is the ideal partner for your business, whether you are already abroad or preparing to enter a new global market. Member of ELIA, European Language Industry Association Each translation is provided with specific industry jargon, which is essential to make the text understood by the market and the target audience. Entrusting a single partner with the management of a multilingual project has considerable advantages: integrated and meticulous order management, uniform style, consistent terminology and style, as well as significant optimization of time and costs. Specialized translations in the fields of patents, technical and scientific are our core business. Training programs for professionals in the sector or for potential translators. . . .

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