What Is The Tagalog Word Of Agreement

The words daw and raw, which mean “he said” /”they said”/ they said, are sometimes used with actual translations of “he said” / “she said,” it`s sabi niy, and “they said,” it`s sabi nil. They are also related to the tagalog of “you said” is sabi mo. But this time, both daw and raw mean “so-called/supposed.” In (8) and (11), the anterior part is the theme. On the other side, in (9), the front component is the object. Another example of an earlier component in the tagalog are the wh phrases. wh phrases contain questions that begin with: who, what, where, when, why and how. In tagalog, there are phrases on the left side of the wh clause. For example, in the phrase “Who are you?”, there is the “Sino ka” clause on the left. The syntactic tree of this sentence is in (12a).

As we can see in (12a), the position of compler is zero. In the event that a complementizer overt is available, Sabbagh (2014) suggests that the phrase Wh of Spec, CP decreases and adjoins TP if C exceeds (12b). The 12b operation is called whP reduction. These consist of the basic word and one or more affixes. If the infinitive has fixation, the first syllable or the first two letters of the root word are repeated. Tagalog has a flexible word order compared to English. While the verb is still in the starting position, the order of the following substantive sentence complements is flexible. An example of Schacter and Otanes can be seen in (1). With suffixes -in and -an, when the root word ends in a vowel, the suffixes initially add an h to become -hin and -han to make speech more natural. This usually does not happen with basic words that end in pseudovokales like w and y.

An example is Basa, who becomes basahin rather than basain. If the Infinitive has the Affixes ma, loves and m eat, change it to na, nag and nang and repeat the first syllable or the first two letters of the root word. There are three words of denial: Hind, wala and huw`g. Note for “daw/raw and rin/din”: if the previous letter is a consonanent with the exception of y and w, the letter d is used in each word, conversely for z.B. pagd`rasal, instead of pagd`dasal This drop operation can also be applied in sentences to account for the initial word order in the tlog. In the thematic analysis, it says: “The subject drops from Spec, TP and is limited to a projection-dominated TP projection.” [11] If we use the example of (2) Nagbigay ang lalaki ng libro sa babae. and lowering the applied subject, we would see the syntactic structure in (13a). If we reduced the ang lalaki theme to an intermediate position within the Vice President, we would be able to get an order of words while satisfying the lowering of the themes. [11] This can be seen in (13b).

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