Student Placement Agreements

This is used when there is an existing relationship between the University of Tasmania and an industrial partner and refers to a small number of students who perform PEP. This agreement is valid for up to one pep year (January 1 to February 28 of the following year). Information about the student induction protocol can be found in the student induction protocol section. This is used in the formalization of a multi-purpose relationship/partnership. CEECs that have a student placement element are generally valid for one pep year. The Office of Clinical Partnerships (OCP) uses the DocuSign Web system for authorized users to prepare and acquire signature authorization for University Student Membership and Placement Agreements (PSPs). DocuSign provides a mechanism to (1) track the status of each agreement and (2) browse a central repository of fully executed agreements. The following list identifies all training providers who have an internship contract with NT Health. Please read the clinical internships for students to learn how to ensure student internships at NT Health. The various study intermediation agreements are part of the requirements of the directive and the practical internships of the higher education institution, to regularly review and renew study intermediation agreements that meet the specific needs of an external intermediary or when an intermediation contract is initiated by an external intermediary.

These student placement agreements are necessary for specific WIL requirements, such as current agreements. B clinical internships in a number of disciplines and programs. The single placement agreement must be downloaded to InPlace for access and use by university staff. This agreement is downloaded by investment administrators for the individual placement. All students enrolled in a program of study that has mandatory integrated apprenticeships and all students who opt for a work integrated learning option as part of their curriculum must complete the Student Placement Agreement and the FedUni Medical Declaration and Reasonable Adjustment Request (PDF, 242kb). The placement of work experience (PEP) is the main form of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) offered by the College of Health and Medicine. Before a student does a PEP, an agreement must be formalized between the university and the industrial partner. The agreement outlines the responsibilities of the University of Tasmania, including students, and the industrial partner. The BSG offers standardized conditions in which students of training providers can be placed with placement service providers in order to benefit from education and training. To learn more about the use of DocuSign for the organization of affiliation and study agreements, including the planning of individual consultations or group service, please contact Saudia E. Rodriques-Hill. The University of Tasmania`s insurance program provides student protection during university-approved unpaid integrated learning internships.

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