Payu Merchant Agreement

Click here to find out how to set up the store and POS in your PayU reseller account. They hereafter declare, assure, engage and act as a sub: a. You must correctly comply with all transactions placed on the dealer`s website, in accordance with the dealer`s terms and conditions and customer instructions. You agree to ensure that delivery is carried out to the customer`s specifications on the delivery due date. B. They do not sell sold-out products. They are solely responsible for the quality, efficiency and marketing of products. In addition, prices posted on the dealer website must include all applicable taxes. c. You must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations if you offer the products or collect payments on your reseller website. You must ensure that all necessary authorizations, licenses and registrations, in accordance with all laws, regulations, regulations, directives that are in effect from time to time in India, have been obtained and are fully maintained in force so that you can offer the products for sale.

You are not allowed to make transactions on PayU services or to offer products that violate the laws or legal requirements of an applicable jurisdiction, and payU will remain fully compensated for all periods to be respected in this regard. d. They are not permitted to offer products that, according to the Schedule A list, are illegal or offensive or prohibited and/or do not comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations, whether they are central, government, local or international products whose customers use the products. In addition, you must comply with all applicable PayU guidelines, rules, regulations, regulations and regulations, acquiring Banks and/or Card Associations and ensure that they comply with all applicable RBI guidelines, rules, regulations and regulations. You agree and understand that PayU reserves the right to suspend the amount of billing and/or PayU services until you stop selling these prohibited/illicit products or you do not comply with all applicable laws and regulations from time to time. In addition, PayU reserves the right to terminate this contract without further announcement in the event of non-compliance with this clause. E. You must ensure that appropriate cancellation terms, refund policy, confidentiality, confidentiality exclusions, terms of use regarding the reseller`s website, the terms of the products you supply and the terms of payment of customer charges are displayed in a striking manner on the reseller`s website in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement (together “Reseller Terms”). Before accepting customer instructions, you must ensure that the customer accepts all the retailer`s terms and conditions. PayU reserves the right to check the retailer`s terms and conditions at any time. F. In the event that you make the One Click Checkout option available to your customers and the customer opts for a checkout click, you understand that PayU will store valid customer card data on its server.

G. In the event that you have obtained pCI DSS certification and opt for the One Click Checkout API, you have a responsibility to ensure that all valid customer card data shared with you will be kept securely and will not be transmitted to third parties without The consent of PayU and the customer.

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