In Agreement Vs In Agreeance

We almost ended up with “okay,” and then some damn Redneck had to mix “agreement” and “acceptance” and we`re back where we started. 1559 at Strype`s Ann. I. i. App. xvi, “The diversity of our fasting is all the greater because our faith is good.” If we agree, we should sign the agreement.┬áTo be safe, I will continue to use the “agreement.” Here`s my point, if you use “agreement” in a dialect where it`s not in standard use, like my dialect, then me and other people who are old enough to remember all of this, you`ll associate it with Fred Durst. (Unless you use it ironically with regard to thirst and so on.) Approval status Harmony of opinion, statement, action or character; Consent Concord; Compliance how, there is a good agreement between the members of the Council. If you agree with me, I will make those changes. “A match between experimental observations and theory” this is an interesting question.

Although the word “agreeance” appears in some dictionaries as synonymous with agreement, it appears in the list of errors in the book “Common Errors in English Usage”: one of the strange abstract names that have appeared recently is the word consent, which says, “I agree with this position.” A Nounon is a person, a place or a thing. An abstract nominus is a concept. You can`t see, touch, smell, taste or hear a chord like that, see a truck, hear a noise, taste a sandwich or smell smoke. English has many ways of making abstract names. The extension – ance is one of them with – ion and – ment. To anticipate an objection, yes, I am aware that consent is an old English word that dates back to at least the 16th century. But I also suppose that his ascent is not based on a re-appreciation of an ancient word, although rarely used. Rather, I assume that the word is used because people have forgotten or do not know consent.

Okay, it`s all true, but not necessarily helpful. As mentioned above, “agreement” is considered obsolete in most dialects. If this is the case for your dialect, you should think about how people (especially the prescription and

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