Affars Associate Contractor Agreement

(c) submit a copy of this agreement to the contract agent for verification before the document is executed by the cooperating contractors. (6) identify potential conflicts between relevant government contracts and the ACA; Agreements on the protection of proprietary data and restrictions for employees. (g) The following contractors are associated contractors with whom agreements must be concluded: (ii) obtain a NTE proposal for the entire market load and verify the adequacy. Following an AGREEMENT on the INTE, the contractor will include it in the contract; (f) All costs associated with the agreements are included in the negotiated costs of this contract. Agreements may be amended during the performance of this contract, as requested by the government. (B) Ask the contractor to submit a proposal from OPERATIONN and accept an NN OPERATION for the entire market burden (if, beforehand, there was no INTE for the entire contract burden), if the determination of the entire contract was not made before the liability for the tender ends exceeded the amount of the contract and , if necessary, to add purchasing means to protect final item delivery plans. Incorporate ACTIONN at the same time as the commitment of purchase funds into the contract. v) conduct a thorough assessment of the amount of final liability, the expenditure profile and the INUE proposal. The assessment of the assessment of redundancy liability should focus on the content of the estimate, the methodology for the evolution of the estimate and the progressive responsibility for termination. The evaluation should be included in the contract file. (2) Identify the relevant program and relevant government mandates of associated contractors. (B) a revised timetable for the contract`s definition agreed upon by the contractor; (iii) obtain a list of long-term lead positions from the incumbent; (a) If the original system manufacturer (Prime Contractor) identifies its current or actual manufacturer as the actual manufacturer (s) of a spare or assistor and recommends the purchase from that supplier, you consider the creditor to be an authorized source if the list of registration sources is limited to authorized sources only. Prior authorization of the activity of the requirements is not required for these lenders if they are the actual producers.

(e) Responsibility for improper disclosure of proprietary data contained in an agreement or related to an agreement rests with the parties to the agreement and not with the government. (a) the contractor should enter into contractual agreements (ACA) for any part of the contract that requires joint participation in the performance of the government`s request;

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